Garmin goes heads-up with Varia Vision


Varia Vision is a lightweight heads-up display that mounts to the rider’s glasses and works in conjunction with compatible Garmin devices. Photo: Garmin

Garmin has entered the heads-up display fray with its new Varia Vision. Unlike other heads-up displays (HUD) that integrate a display unit into proprietary glasses, Varia Vision is an attachment that mounts to existing sunglasses. Ride data usually displayed on a Garmin Edge head unit appears within the rider’s field of vision, meaning you never have to look down at your handlebars to check your ride stats.

The $399 unit weighs about one ounce (29.7 grams) and mounts to a rider’s sunglasses on either arm for plenty of positioning options. It is only compatible with Garmin Edge 1000 and 520 head units. Garmin touts its ambient light sensor and color display as the way to offer consistent readability in all conditions.

Varia Vision also communicates with Garmin’s Varia rearview radar system, alerting the rider when a vehicle is approaching from behind. The unit also allows for turn-by-turn directions including distance to the turn, direction arrows, and street names.

Garmin says battery life lasts up to eight hours and the glove and wet-weather friendly touch panel allows you to navigate between customizable data displays. The glasses will even vibrate to notify you of upcoming navigation, performance alerts, incoming phone calls, and texts.